Double Exposure Blackjack

Larry Dickerson / Updated: 2023-18-07
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Not many people know and understand the Double Exposure blackjack online free game. Some don’t even know that this type of variant exists. This is why this guide and information about the double exposure game is so important. It will give you everything you need to know to consider playing the game. Now South African blackjack players will learn more about this variant that is available online. 

Blackjack Double Exposure Online Review

The main difference that you will find with the Blackjack double exposure online game is the fact that you can see the dealer’s cards beforehand as well. When the cards are dealt, the dealer’s cards are faced up. Making it so much easier to know if you should hit or stand with your hands. However, because the gameplay is easier, the payout is lower than with normal blackjack. It goes from 3:2 to 1:1. There are also a couple of variants available when you are playing double exposure. The most popular variants are NetEnd, Microgaming, and Play’n Go. Each double-exposure variant has its own rules odds and settings.  You can play for free, or you can place bets that have a wider bet limit. 

Double Exposure Blackjack Table Layout

Double exposure blackjack online free has a similar table layout to any other blackjack table. With just one difference. The dealer’s cards are both face up instead of just one facing up. There will be between 6 and 8 card decks, making card counting impossible. There are stricter rules for splitting and doubling down. Another difference is that with a tie, the dealer normally wins. With normal blackjack with a tie, you will get your bet back. 

Double Exposure Blackjack Online Features

The great thing about double exposure blackjack online play is something that you will not get with any other blackjack variant. This is going to be discussed here, to make you understand the features clearer. 

  • From the start of the game, the dealer is showing his hand to the players. Everyone will be able to see what cards he has before you decide if you want to hit or stand your hand. This is making the game easier, but the game doesn’t pay out as much as other blackjack games. 
  • Another important feature to know is that when there is a tie, or push, the dealer wins. And, you will lose your bets. There isn’t any way that you will get your bet back like with other blackjack games. 
  • You can only double down when you have a hard 9, 10, or 11. With a double ace, you can split, but can only draw one card per hand. 
  • This is normally a game where you can play free blackjack, but some casinos are offering play-for-money options. There the betting amount is normally high.

Blackjack Double Gameplay

The gameplay for blackjack double exposure online is basically the same as for classic blackjack. The main difference is the dealer that shows his hand from the start. You still need to get your total as close to 21 as possible. And, you still need to choose between hit, stand, double down, or split. The one thing that you won’t have as a betting option is insurance. This is because you don’t just see one card in the dealer’s hand. 

There are normally between six and eight card decks in a game, the amount differs from casino to casino. Most casinos don’t say how many decks you are playing with, because of card counting. Besides a couple of changes, normal rules for classic blackjack are applicable. 

Advantages of Double Exposure Blackjack Online

Why is Double exposure blackjack online game so popular? Especially among new blackjack players? These are a list of the most common benefits and advantages of double exposure blackjack.

  • You can see the total of the dealer’s cards. Something you won’t see with any other type of blackjack. The payout will just be lower than with other blackjack variants. 
  • The game is easier for beginners because you will see the dealer’s hand. Your decision if you want to hit or stand will depend on what the dealer has. 
  • If you know the basic rules for American or classic blackjack, you will be able to play this variant as well. They are making use of the same rules and regulations, with just a couple of differences. Like there is no Insurance or surrender. 

Blackjack Double Exposure Casinos

King Billy Casino
Welcome Bonus $2500 + 100 FS
Bizzo Casino
Welcome Bonus $250 + 100 FS
National Casino
Welcome Bonus $500 + 100 FS


One thing is clear. With blackjack double exposure to online blackjack, you can make easier decisions. This is because of one difference in this game than other online blackjack games. The dealer is exposing his cards when it is dealt. With normal blackjack, they are exposing just one card. This is making the game a lot easier for beginners, but the payout is a lot lower as well. Most new blackjack players are playing this version to learn how to interpret the first card of the dealer.  But, there is no reason why an experienced player can’t play this game as well to win some great money.